Applied Behavioural Science

We use the latest evidence from cognitive psychology, social psychology, social neuroscience and other behavioural sciences to advise our clients. In particular, we specialise in the design of behaviour change projects. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Designing behavioural science-based strategies, e.g. social and behaviour change (SBC) strategies, applying behavioural insights or human-centred design (HCD)

  • Running behavioural design processes from beginning to end
  • Designing behavioural science-based programmes using Intervention Mapping and other frameworks
  • Evaluating behavioural science-based programmes
  • Analysing programmatic research for behavioural insights
  • Conducting formative research for behaviour change projects
  • Providing technical support on all aspects of behavioural insights and behavioural design
  • Training on behavioural science and its application to various thematic areas

Here are some examples of projects we worked on.

Sarah supported Genesis Analytics with applying a behavioural science lens to an ongoing project in South Africa.

Sarah is providing technical support to Girl Effect teams globally on embedding social and behavioural change processes into their operations.
Sarah is working with World Vision to apply behavioural insights and behavioural design to revamp one of World Vision's flagship programmes, Unlock Literacy. It includes testing interventions for teachers and parents. She will also be supporting another team within World Vision to develop a social and behaviour change framework for child protection.
Sarah worked with the Labour Mobility and Human Development team at IOM Libya to apply behavioural science principles to designing a youth development and social mixing project.

Sarah led behavioural insights research for Restless Development Zambia to support them in designing a risk communication and community engagement strategy. She will also be providing guidance in designing behaviourally-informed Covid-19 communications materials.